Our 10 favorite attractions in Paris

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Attractions in Paris

Paris is a city of pleasure in which we feel alive and where we want to take advantage of all the beautiful things it has to offer, such as strolling through the most beautiful districts, visiting historical monuments, seeing a beautiful play or attending a concert, strolling through the beautiful districts and admiring the architecture of the buildings or simply sitting at the terrace of a café and enjoying the moment. Here is our selection of must-see attractions.

The Vincennes Zoo

Vincennes Zoo in Paris

Rhinoceros, Vincennes Zoo in Paris – ©ELG21, CC0 Creative Commons

Located in the heart of Paris, the Vincennes zoo was inaugurated in 1934. Fourteen thousand hectares are home to more than 194 animal species, 74 species of birds and 42 species of mammals. The zoo is a great success.

The artificial rock adds a touch of exoticism and cleverly camouflages the technical premises. Pits are created so that we can discover the animals in complete freedom in an environment that reminds us of their natural surroundings.

The cabarets

Parisian cabaret

Cabaret, Paris – ©cjsinnott0, CC0 Creative Commons

An invitation to travel, this is what Parisian cabarets such as the Moulin Rouge, the Lido, the Crazy Horse offer you. Dinner shows with magical allure. The Moulin Rouge was founded in 1889. The first years were marked by extravagant shows inspired by the circus and other attractions.

The cabarets moved with the times and the shows evolved over time to become a festive attraction that will be remembered forever, including the famous French Cancan dance.

Fly boat cruises

Parisian fly boat

Fly boat, Paris – ©edmondlafoto, CC0 Creative Commons

It’s an unmissable outing! In family, in love, the boats flies are there to make us discover Paris in another way. The Seine welcomes you for an enchanting cruise. By night as well as by day, this excursion is magical and worth the detour.

You can have lunch or dinner or simply take a guided tour to visit the most beautiful Parisian monuments.

Foire du Trône

Foire du trône, Paris

Foire du trône, Paris – ©Thomas Collins, FlickR Creative Commons

It is a Parisian funfair located in the Bois de Vincennes. Every year it opens its doors for eight weeks of strong sensation. A festive and family event to discover. More than 300 rides welcome thousands of visitors every year to make them live exceptional memories.

Climb on the Ferris wheel and admire the beautiful Parisian landscape with the halo of light that the city projects.
Young and old will have a sensational time…

Paris Opera House

Opera House, Paris

Opera House, Paris – ©Grillot edouard, CC0 Creative Commons

The splendid monument of the Garnier Opera House, which is located in one of the most beautiful streets of the city, invites us to a magical journey through the beauty of its premises. To cross the doors of the Opera is a real attraction to make so much its charm of the time is anchored in the place.

The decoration, the atmosphere is an invitation to a unique moment to see one of the most beautiful ballets or concertos.

Jardin des plantes

Jardin des plantes, Paris

Jardin des plantes, Paris – ©_nokomis_, CC0 Creative Commons

Located in the heart of Paris, the Jardin des Plantes is a botanical garden open since 1794, it is part of one of the oldest ZOO. The garden includes different spaces such as rose gardens, a menagerie, greenhouses, galleries of scientific exhibitions.

One day is not enough to do and see everything. It is a pleasant walk to stroll through the alleys of the park, whether with your family or as a lover. The menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes includes more than 200 species and 1100 animals. There are 200 turtles, snakes, 300 species of birds, 200 mammals, lizards and over 300 insects.

Aqua boulevard

AquaBoulevard, Paris

AquaBoulevard, Paris – ©Association Française des Credit Managers AFDCC, FlickR Creative Commons

The Aqua boulevard de Paris offers you a joyful day with your family. Various aquatic activities will make you spend a very pleasant day in a summer setting.

A wave pool will give you the feeling of being at the sea. A hammam, sauna and jacuzzi are at your disposal as well as a gym. Everything is done so that you spend a pleasant moment. The tropics in the heart of Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris – ©Michelle_Maria, CC0 Creative Commons

Located in the Latin Quarter in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, this magnificent garden was created for Queen Marie de Medici in 1612. Inspired by the Florentine garden Boboli, the Luxembourg garden is divided into two parts. One in the French style and the other in the English style, a forest and a large basin separate them.

There is an apple orchard, beehives, greenhouses with a beautiful collection of orchids and a rose garden.

Many activities are offered such as slides, rides… Adults can play chess, bridge and remote-controlled boats. Cultural programs are offered as well as exhibitions. The garden has many statues scattered throughout the park including the famous Medicis fountain.

Royal Palace

Royal Palace, Paris

Royal Palace, Paris – ©Michelle_Maria, CC0 Creative Commons

Built by Richelieu in 1628, the Palais Royal is located in the first arrondissement of Paris in a national estate.
The gardens are open to the public and you can sit and enjoy the calm of the place under a tree. In the summer it is the time to enjoy the shade of the trees and have a picnic.

The Royal Palace has a theater, a café and stores. In the main courtyard you can see the “Deux Plateaux” where the “columns of Buren” are located, a work of art created by Daniel Buren. The garden of the Palais Royal is classified as a historical monument since 1920.

Science Museum

Museum of Science, Paris

Museum of Science, Paris – ©Alain Deniel, CC0 Creative Commons

All sciences are represented in Paris in different museums like the Palais de la Découverte near the famous Grand Palais. Several exhibitions are proposed on electrostatics or on superconduction. One can make experiments of electromagnetism and more.

We evoke all that relates to science in a pleasant and ludic framework. The different rooms are there to promote the different specificities in order to cultivate the visitor and the curious. One day is not enough to see and do everything, but it gives a glimpse of our scientific progress.

Another museum just as famous and reputed as the Palais de la Découverte is the Natural History Museum in Paris where everything related to natural sciences such as biology and geology is discussed.

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