Pubs and Bars in Paris

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Bars in Paris

If there is a pleasant moment to spend it is at the end of the day sitting in one of the bars in Paris or on the terrace with a drink in hand. Relaxing after a day’s work, enjoying the moment with the people we love.

Some bars and pubs in Paris make us travel with their decoration. The sound and the music accompany us in this pleasant moment of sharing.

Let’s discover the most beautiful Bars and Pubs of the Parisian capital. Which will change you from the PMU bar of your city.

Once Upon a Time

The bar delivers its promises at the mention of its name. Its frontage calls us and the bar welcomes us in a chic and sober frame.

Specialized in cocktails, it’s a great opportunity to discover new flavors that will transport you to distant lands.

Let’s keep our feet on the ground and enjoy the delights of this superb bar located in the fourth arrondissement of Paris.

Café A

Real jewel located in the tenth district of Paris near the Garde de l’Est. Café A is a trendy bar where you can enjoy a glass of quality organic wine while taking advantage of the different spaces that this charming place offers.

Minimalist and yet it is in a former convent of the Recollets dating from the XVIII century that you will be able to lounge on a deckchair while reading. The beautiful building with white stones is a well-known place for Parisians. Various tapas are proposed to accompany your evening in this trendy place.

The Carmen

Having a drink at the Carmen is a unique moment in time.

The building is classified as a historical monument and was formerly the private mansion of Georges Bizet. The subdued lights give the place a soft and charming atmosphere. The high ceiling has been nicely highlighted by the decorator Antoine Platteau.

A piano is installed and adds to the warmth of the intimate and unique place. Nineteenth century cocktails are revisited and it is a great attraction to see the bartender shaking. Beautiful musical programs are proposed such as acoustic concerts, Dj performers or simply evenings around the piano.

The Lipstick

The name of this flashy bar can guide us or at least indicate its atmosphere. As its name suggests, this place is glamorous, feminine and sensual. Perfect place to celebrate one’s birthday and spend a nice evening. This bar is a reference in the district of Pigalle.

You can taste delicious original cocktails served with tapas of qualities. Comfortably installed in one of the benches, this atypical place will intoxicate you and will make you spend beautiful evenings.

The Yono

The Yono is located in the posh district of Paris, the Marais. An elegant atmosphere and full of charm, it invites us and incites us to spend time there. Perhaps a reminder for some of the Spanish bars? Yono invites you to enjoy cocktails and beers in a warm atmosphere, all spread over three floors.

Shake N Smash

Decorated with taste, the Shake N Smash is located in the district of the Temple in the third district of Paris. The armchairs installed here and there invite us to settle down with a delicious cocktail worked with know-how. Intimate place, we feel at ease for an evening with friends or colleagues after a good day of work.

Little Red Door

The Little Red Door is one of the nice Parisian bar finds in the Marais district. The red door invites us to come in and get comfortable on a Chesterfield sofa in an intimate atmosphere with twilight lighting. Delicious cocktails are proposed and make the reputation of this place.


Renowned bar of the capital, the Silencio has become a real institution as well as a trendy and coveted place. Designed by the director David Lynch, it is a private club in which the cultural programs vary. At 11 pm the club opens its doors to the public for its clubbing part.

The Binouze Paradis

This beer bar is aptly named because it is a little paradise in which you can easily feel at ease. Located in the tenth district of Paris, it is welcoming with the warm tones of the decoration. You can taste more than 600 different beers from all over the world.

A trip in the lands of the lovers of the beer. Friendly place as well as the dishes that it proposes La Binouze is the perfect place for a light and pleasant evening.

The Marilyn

This trendy bar is an invitation to spend with Marilyn. This chic bar has made a beautiful tribute to its muse Marilyn. It is in a festive and warm atmosphere that the Marilyn welcomes you for a nice afterwork, a birthday or simply in love.

Crazy and offbeat but really unique place to taste cocktails at very affordable prices. The name of the cocktails is also offbeat and in harmony with the place such as the Kiss me Kennedy or the Chanel 666. If you are passing through the eleventh district of Paris this unique place is recommended.

The list is long and the bars in Paris are as unusual, chic and different as each other. It is very pleasant to enjoy the festive bars and restaurants that the city of lights has to offer. There is no shortage of ideas to make you spend beautiful and unforgettable moments.

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