Airbnb Concierge in Paris

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Conciergerie Airbnb sur Paris

You own a property in Paris or anywhere else that you want to rent out in the short term? But you are not unaware that a rental requires several constraining tasks. Rental management cannot be improvised! How can you increase your income with short-term rental solutions and reduce your workload at the same time? There is only one solution: the Airbnb concierge service.


It is a service exclusively for property owners. They plan to rent their property for a short period or according to the season. However, the rental management of their property seems very difficult to them, mainly due to lack of availability. The tasks are numerous and sometimes discouraging. The concierge service then takes over.

The tasks inherent to a short term rental require to be on the spot and to be available 24 hours a day. This is not the case for all owners involved. An Airbnb concierge is required to intervene on three levels: the management of the listing, the management of the tenants and finally the management of the property.

Managing the ad

The advertisement is the first essential task in the short-term rental process. It is a decisive task that aims to seduce potential tenants. The ad will be published on Airbnb and on all the platforms working in vacation rentals between individuals.

Tenant management

It is the concierge who responds to the readers’ messages. It will select the guests according to a profile established by the owner. An employee of the concierge welcomes the tenants by handing them the keys. This one is accessible 24 hours a day. He also takes care of the needs of the tenants (linen, toiletries…).

The management of the property

gestion bien Paris

Gestion de votre appartement – ©justinedgecreative, CC0 Creative Commons

Managing the property is part of the janitor’s job. It is the one who carries out the maintenance and upkeep work. It takes care of the tenants 100% without involving the owner.

Why use this type of concierge service?

A wide range of services is available from a concierge company for short-term rentals. Among them, we can mention the remote reservation of the latter. An interesting alternative if the owner rents a second home far from his house, for example. The concierge service also provides a better saving of time, since the owner delegates the management of the property and the advertisements.

A property estimated at its fair value

If the value of the property is unknown in the context of a short-term rental, it is better to use an Airbnb concierge. At this stage, the concierge will come up with an estimate that is in line with market prices. Its intervention will then double the chances of finding a taker as soon as possible. The concierge will also take pictures of the property to highlight it and make a careful description to make the readers want to reserve the property.

A lack of time for the management of his property

If the owner does not have time to devote to the management of his rental property, or if he is located at a certain distance from it, the concierge service with complete offer is what he needs. It allows him to free himself from time constraints while pocketing considerable additional income.

What are the advantages?

The owner and client duo benefit from this formula:

  • Towards the tenants: the concierge provides them with the ad that corresponds to their selection criteria. Even if the tenants do not find directly what they are looking for, the concierge keeps them informed of the new ads that appear.
  • Towards the owner: the concierge service allows the owner to receive additional income. During the vacations, he can rent his home even if he is not on the premises. The concierge manages everything for the landlord: welcoming tenants during their arrival and departure, availability in case of questions about the city or the neighborhood…

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