Accommodation and catering in Paris

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Restaurant, Paris

Capital of fashion and gastronomy, Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. Tourists come from all over the world to admire the beautiful museums, the chic streets and especially to taste the delicious French cuisine.

The city has luxurious hotels, small intimate hotels and youth hostels.

We will go through the accommodations that can be found as well as the restaurants for everyone’s wallet.

Luxury hotel & 3 and 4 star hotel

Hôtel Barrière Fouquet's, Paris

Barrière Fouquet’s hotel, Paris – ©reisetopia, CC0 Creative Commons

Paris has some beautiful palaces, some of which are world famous such as the Georges V, Crillon, Royal Monceau, Bristol, Barrière Fouquet’s… They are all sumptuous and are located in the most chic and exclusive streets of the capital.

Breathtaking decorations, high end services make these luxury hotels successful places to stay.

But other less expensive and equally beautiful hotels are among the beautiful accommodations in the city of Paris. Small and cozy hotels welcome you to make your stay a beautiful memory.
Located in different districts of the city, you will find what you are looking for no matter what your budget is.

Youth hostels

Youth hostel, Paris

Youth hostel, Paris – ©Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons

Youth hostels are there to provide accommodation for tourists who want to travel easily but have a smaller budget. Bathrooms and kitchens can be individual or shared. The advantage of this type of accommodation is the proximity to people and the sharing of cultures, as well as the very social aspect of the trip will change your stay.

The prices are very attractive and the youth hostels are located in different districts such as Montmartre, others near the Gare du Nord or a few steps from the Louvre. The choice is vast and will ensure that you are comfortably housed to enjoy your stay in Paris at a lower cost.

The restaurants

Restaurant, Paris

Restaurant, Paris – ©Alex Harmuth, CC0 Creative Commons

In the category of restaurants there are famous addresses, some of which are real institutions, but there are also good restaurants in the neighborhoods that are not famous but where you can eat very well.

Paris has some mythical and high end restaurants like ;

  • La tour d’Argent which is without doubt the oldest restaurant in Paris. Present since 1592, it represents the high French gastronomy, in addition to the panoramic view on Notre-Dame-de-Paris and the Seine.
  • Le Procope is an important place in the literary life. Voltaire was at ease here. It is a pleasant and comfortable place where the cuisine is of high quality.
  • La Coupole is undoubtedly one of the largest restaurants in the capital. 800 m2 on two floors. La Coupole is a temple of art with its beautiful lemon woodwork, its chandeliers by master glassmaker Jean Perzel and its Haviland tableware. The place is beautiful, it is a great success. You can eat its emblematic dishes such as lamb curry, skate Grenoble …
  • Le Bouillon Chartier is another beautiful address. It is the promise of a meal worthy of the name with fresh products in a typically Parisian setting.

The choices are vast and generous in terms of restaurants. Each neighborhood has its own good addresses, from French to Thai to Indian restaurants, the quality is there.

Fast food

There is no shortage of good addresses and the choices are diverse.

From Oriental to Japanese cuisine, there is a wide choice.

You can eat Mediterranean food by discovering the good fallafels of the restaurant “Soumsoum” in the rue des Rosiers in the Marais as well as the delicious Houmous… Thanks to its success, the queue of customers is up to the end of the street. But the service is fast and you won’t be disappointed!

In Montmartre there is the fast food De Clercq, Les Rois de la Frite or the Mexican Grill where the ingredients are fresh and the restaurant is on three floors.

The street food becomes upscale with the fast food Homer in the 4th district. Fresh lobster sandwiches with a balance of tastes.

In the lower part of Montmartre you can taste the Quebecois cuisine by stopping at the Maison de la Poutine, a small snack where you can eat poutines; a dish made of french fries, cheese and brown sauce…

Sometimes we come back to the classic Mc do, KFC which are generally open at night and easy to access.

If you are close to the Louvre you can treat yourself by stopping at Prêt à Manger to enjoy a healthy food. Delicious freshly made salads will guarantee you a healthy and balanced meal. But not only … ! The choice is vast and wide, the ingredients are fresh and the quantities are more than correct.

The Bioburger welcomes you in a pleasant and warm setting in the 9th district. A nice surprise awaits you in terms of quality. The burgers are homemade as well as the ketchup and the fries for a good price.

Patati Patata is a concept that has been working for more than ten years located in Bastille in the eleventh arrondissement.

A hollowed out potato in which you put grated cheese, ham, chicken or shrimps. It’s up to you, as it can be with Bolognese sauce, ratatouille, chili con carne or even lighter with spinach.

The quality of the French restaurant remains present. You can eat healthy and copiously for very affordable prices…

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