The best EVJF activities in Paris

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Bachelorette party in Paris

To prepare your bachelorette party in Paris, we propose you a range of activities to put in place in order to spend an unforgettable moment. The bachelorette party is represented as the last moment of carefree, yet it is wonderful moments of madness that open the door to prolonged joy. The commitment leaves room for shared activities with friends, an almost unique moment of celebration.


One of the most coveted activities during the EVJF is the treasure hunt. It is an expedition organized in the four corners of a city, leading, at the end of the stay, to the bride’s treasure. Always a success, the activity invites each participant to play, search, win and have fun. Finally, the bride will have the pleasure to discover the gift chosen by the organizers.

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille à Paris

Préparer son enterrement de vie de jeune fille à Paris – ©

A pleasant treasure hunt to discover the city of light

The various activities that are offered during the famous treasure hunt are the following:

  • dares
  • enigmas
  • photos and videos
  • many gifts

This is how the bride and her friends discover the most important monuments and charming places. Walking in the streets of Paris allows to visit the city in a different way, with new perspectives.

The treasure hunt, organized by professionals throughout the city, is a moment that allows the bride to get out of her daily life. This playful activity offers each participant moments of fun and laughter. The challenges are challenged in team, this moment out of time leaves unforgettable memories.

The bride’s treasure can take various forms, often, the very close ones agree to set up a personalized gift. You can get together with friends to offer her personalized, handmade and unique objects, or plan an envelope in which a letter indicates an activity mixing sensation and emotion to mark the occasion.

The photo shoot with My EVJF : THE ESSENTIAL

The duration of the bachelorette party can vary depending on the preferences and availability of each person. It can be a half day, a full day, a weekend or a stay of several days. Whatever happens, a bachelorette party never misses the photo shoot!

The photo shoot is essential to keep memories of this moment before the big day, but also, to have fun while feeling fulfilled. Getting ready for the shoot and feeling beautiful brings satisfaction and self-confidence.

A photo shoot in Paris

Shooting photo à Paris

Photo shoot with friends in Paris – ©

It is in the heart of the city that the photographer is specialized to bring you in places perfectly adapted to an EVJF photo shooting.

Near the Eiffel Tower

A must! The photo shoot under the Eiffel Tower or even on top of it is emblematic. You can have your own photos with friends, with the symbolic figure of France. The Trocadero, a garden located at the foot of the tower, is an ideal and charming place for photos whose background evokes very personal memories.

On the river Seine

On the Seine or its surroundings, the photo shoot is particularly well adapted to this setting. On a bateau-mouche, the photos can be very aesthetic thanks to the reflection of the water.

On the Champs Elysees avenue

At the end of this world-famous avenue, the Arc de Triomphe reveals all its splendor in professionally taken photos. Under a golden sunset, idyllic photos can create a feeling of deep happiness.

In the alleys of Montmartre

It is in the heart of this charming and flowery district that you will fall in love with the city of light. The photo shoot can then be scheduled on a blue sky day in the alleys that lead to the Sacré-Coeur. The cottony atmosphere is favored by the surrounding cafes, cobbled streets, pastel-colored buildings or even the XIXᵉ buildings and walls adorned with ivy.

The Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch is a classic, a time to spend in peace and quiet in a beautiful place. Choose to have your brunch organized by a specialist for a pleasant moment in a park, or prefer a quality moment in an adapted restaurant.

Try out the Grazing table

Coming straight from Australia, the concept of the Grazing table consists in filling a table in an artistic way. Like a work of art, mignardises and various recipes are cleverly placed according to the theme of your choice, inspiring the taste buds through all your senses.

The Grazing table is a concept more and more used to mark an event, on the theme of the weekend Brunch, discover refined preparations, methodically made according to the artist’s style. Flowers and small decorations accompany the dishes cooked on the dining table. Rent a flowered garden, with a swimming pool and a relaxation area to sit comfortably and relax all day.

Brunch at the restaurant

In the trendy restaurant of your choice, enjoy a cosy moment with a Parisian atmosphere. Decide on a warm, intimate, soft place for a serene awakening and whose specialties coincide with the tastes of the future bride!

You can choose a place that reminds the bride-to-be of a memory that makes her happy, reminding her of a trip, her origins, or even recipes that harmonize with her future plans. In Paris, a good number of choices are at your disposal to find the place that will surely mark your friend.

You have been elected witnesses of the bride, the organization of the EVJF is your responsibility, it is an exciting moment that requires some organization. To be sure to succeed in the planning, make a small questionnaire to agree on the preferences of the bride-to-be. Get help from your family and friends and be sure to set up activities that will delight each participant!

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